The lessons offered at Storm Writing School combine probing study of story craft with expert teaching to deliver clear explanations and original paradigms that you won't find anywhere else.

Story Passion

Storm Writing School is passionate about story and story creation. Though there's certainly pleasure to be had in beautiful writing, it's the story that will captivate readers. The focus here is on a deep investigation into the driving mechanisms of great storytelling so that your story can be as powerful as possible.

Groundbreaking Insights

Storm Writing School cuts through received wisdom and delivers fresh paradigms that lead to writing breakthroughs. Even when he agrees with the common craft advice, TD Storm justifies the concepts with clear explanations that lead to greater understanding and inspire confidence.

Learn by Example

All art relies on imitation. The courses here provide clear examples of expert craft drawn from a wide variety of story genres and styles. Any piece of writing that has earned critical or commercial acclaim is worth examining closely. And Storm Writing School applies astute analysis to uncover keys to success.

See TD Storm in Action

The video below provides an example of the kind of teaching you might find in an online course here at Storm Writing School. In addition to video lessons, each course comes with handouts and opportunities to apply the instruction to your own writing.

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What's on Offer?

I love teaching, and I'm constantly working on new offerings. What I have here:

  • Live seminars and mini retreats
  • Replays of live events
  • Self-paced "evergreen" courses

Character Arc: Writing for Change

A mini retreat on Saturday, April 17th with guest speaker Susan DeFreitas

You can see what replays and "evergreen" course are available at the courses page. This will be expanding a lot in the coming months. Some free, some paid. Click the image -->

Registration for live events is handled at the course hub page, aka, The Bursar. You can also register for replays to get access to recordings, slides, and handouts. Click the image to log in or register. Courses

I'm in the process of migrating these Teachable courses to this site, but in the meantime, you'll need to log in to a different account than what you used for logging in here. An inelegant solution, but it'll have to do for the time being. Click to see all of my Teachable courses. A few are featured below.

A week-long writing retreat boiled down to 41 brief but pithy lectures on how to write stories readers can't set down. 

Use mystery, suspense, and dramatic irony to get tension on every page. A one-day seminar distilled into 1.5 hours.

A one-unit seminar examining practical techniques for making romantic plots and subplots gripping.

What students are saying


Kirsten Oliphant

Create If Writing Podcast; Bestselling Author

"Tim has fantastic content--both the free content on his blog and the paid course content. He makes writing material accessible and even fun to learn. If you want to hone your craft, Tim's courses are a phenomenal resource."


Bentley Reese

Graduate of the Iowa Writers’ Workshop

“Having spent the last 7 years of my life inside college writing courses and continued studies programs, I can confidently say Tim Storm is one of the most memorable and informative teachers I have come across. He teaches the art of storytelling from a unique perspective that is intuitive and engaging. If you ever have the chance to take a class taught by Tim Storm, take it.”


Deborah King

Author, Glory Bishop

“Tim Storm is an exceptional writing instructor. He took complex concepts and distilled them down to simple, easy to understand steps and ideas that motivated the class and improved my writing immensely.”