A Glossary of Assorted Writing Craft Terms

Below is a collection of short videos I’ve put together defining, clarifying, or otherwise demystifying various writing craft terms. I expect this list to keep growing. Bookmark this page and check back often. 

(I’ve made sure to have quality close captions with these videos for those who just prefer to read rather than watch a video or who would rather watch without sound.)

Some wonderful demystification of several writing craft terms. #writingcommunity #writingtips | stormwritingschool.com



Black Box

Curse of Knowledge

Designing Principle


Falling Action

On the Nose



  • Polly Hansen says:

    Tim, these are great snippets. I’ve never quite understood beats, but I think I’ve got it now. Like, someone might say, ‘I think you need a few more beats to flesh this out a bit,’ or something like that. Or that it seems like a beat is missing, or you have one too many. Like musical beats making the rhythm flow. Thanks!

  • Lita Brooker says:

    Marvellous. Thanks for this, Tim 🙂

    One little blip: The Designing Principle video doesn’t seem to be available.

    Best wishes and have a great weekend.

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