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Character Arc: Writing for Change

We heard from Susan DeFreitas, award-winning author, founding book coach with Author Accelerator, and one of the most insightful editors I know. Susan explained how to create an affecting character arc to deliver meaningful change within our stories and within the world. You can register to watch the replay (or access it if you've already paid). More info about this retreat is here

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mini retreat 

Show, Don't Tell; Tips and Tricks

At this mini retreat, Louise Harnby, editor/proofreader extraordinaire, guided us through the ins and out of showing and telling. Louise brings 30 years of experience, and a penchant for clear and thorough explanations of the finer points of line editing. If you've already registered, you can access the replay below. If you haven't, then click on "register" below.

mini retreat  


The retreat from February 2021 covered midpoints, one of the most important structural points of a novel or memoir. What are midpoints? What’s the difference between the external-arc midpoint and the internal-arc midpoint? What are some key questions to help you discover/uncover your midpoint? What are some examples? This replay includes the slides and the exercise from the day as well as two videos: the presentation on midpoints on the afternoon Q&A. You can register to see the replay via the button on the right below. Or if you've already registered, access via the button on the left below. classes


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 I'm in the process of migrating these Teachable courses to this site, but in the meantime, you'll need to login to a different account than what you used for logging in here. An inelegant solution, but my courses on the 5 Key Elements of Story, The Gold-Standard Scene, and my Starter Kit are worth checking out.

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Write Stories Your Readers Can't Set Down

Learn how to master story momentum; take advantage of mystery, suspense, and dramatic irony; and create sexual/romantic tension. These mastery courses vary in size and price, but give you a solid foundation for understanding how tension works in stories of any variety. Learn how to engage readers with practical techniques and theories.