Online Critique Groups

I run several online critique groups. Writers in the group submit their work for discussion. We talk through the strengths and weaknesses of the submissions and try to help each writer come away with some very constructive feedback on how to improve the writing and storytelling. At the end of our workshopping, I give some craft tips, usually based on the writing we've just critiqued. We provide a fun, compassionate atmosphere, and work to make everyone feel both validated and challenged.

How it works

  • We meet once every two or three weeks at a specific time (Sundays at 1:30 pm CST, for instance)
  • At each meeting, we critique two submissions
  • Submissions can be up to 20 double-spaced pages and are due 4 days before our meeting
  • Everyone in the group is oriented to the workshop approach, which is for compassionate but constructive feedback
  • Critiques usually run for about 40-50 minutes per piece
  • Each session ends with some specific craft tip, targeted specifically toward the writers in the group
  • We meet 8 times in a semester
  • The price is $300 per semester

Why sign up?

  • Instructional workshops are one of the most effective places to learn about craft
  • The teaching is catered to the group members
  • In learning to become adept at critiquing, you learn to read like a writer
  • You'll inevitably face problems other writers in the group are facing
  • The video chat format is the next best thing to in-person workshops; you get immediate feedback and you can engage in dialogue
  • The writers in the critique group are fun, compassionate, and helpful

When do the groups meet?

  • Last year, I ran two groups: one met Sundays at 1:30; the other met Thursdays at 2:00. (Central Time)
  • Those two groups will run again this year, but I cap classes at 8.
  • If there is enough demand, I'll open another workshop, and we'll have to figure out a workable time slot for those interested.